Cynthia Udoka Osokogu! Murdered by Facebook Friends in Lagos


Cynthia was first reported missing a few weeks ago by her family members and soon after the news spread to the internet and social media and became viral just a few days ago. She had been missing since late July.

Today we have learned that Cynthia Udoka Osokogu is officially dead. Her body was found in a morgue in Lagos.
Of course with strange disappearances like this there is bound to be numerous speculations and all sorts of gist. We’ve heard stories of aristo gone wrong, ritual killing, bad business deal, but all this is speculation as only Cynthia and her murderers know the real story of what happened.

However the most concrete story we have been able to get is that Cynthia did leave for Lagos from Abuja in late July and was supposed to link up with some friends. Sources say these are friends she knew via facebook. Now before you judge remember how we all meet people via facebook, BBM, twitter and the likes (either through mutual friends or groups and message boards).

There are stories that they paid for her flight and hotel in festac but nothing is really confirmed. The friends picked her up, and robbed her of all her money and belongings and then strangled her.

The murderers were caught when they answered Cynthia’s phone which they had taken from her and the call was traced to festac, and enabled the police and family to find her body in the morgue which also led them to the hotel. They were identified as university students and confessed to killing 5 others in a similar pattern.

Now even though the story is very scary, and a lot of questions will never be answered, it’s important to note that this 1. Happens a lot and goes unreported, 2. It can really happen to anyone, and we all have to be a bit careful when it comes to meeting people online.

It’s a very sad ending to such a young life, but hopefully we can all take some lessons from it.

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  1. How come they ( her friends ) paid for her flight from abuja to lagos and then robbed her of her money? What money ? When she could not even pay for her flight herself? Who deposited her corpse at the mortuary? They even booked an hotel for her, so where is the real gist of the story? There is much to answer here. Thank u

  2. So unfortunate,may GOD have mercy on her soul and grant her eternal rest! Hope oda ladies out der wil learn from diz.

  3. Wat a pity,such a sweet and innocent lyf taken 4 no tangible reason,all in d name of trust she was killed 4 notin,d killers ve 2 b sentenced 2 death by hanging witout waste of tym

  4. It’s so painful to hear such a story,but what is her real motive of leaving Abuja to Lagos? This will serve as eye opener to our young ladies who are always after luxurious thing all in the name of high class babes.and for those who did this Evil act,they will never know peace in their entire life.Dear lord please forgive her

  5. How can she be so over-confident to leave Abuja to Lagos 4 friends she only met on facebook without the notice n concent of anyone! She was wrong na, anyways I feel sad 4 a beautiful gal wit a lot of hopes dying like dat, may her soul rest in peace..


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