Court Orders NDLEA To Release Baba Suwe


A court in Nigeria has ordered that popular Nigerian comedian Baba Suwe – detained on suspicion of drug trafficking – be released on bail by Friday, November 4th. By Friday he would’ve spent 23 days in detention.

The actor and comedian was arrested on 12 October after a body scanner at Lagos airport identified suspected drugs in his stomach, officials said. He was supposed to board a flight heading to Paris.

Baba Suwe has been the hot topic of discussion over the past few weeks as the drugs allegedly found via body scanners has yet to be discovered in Baba Suwe’s excrement.

Fans and other actors gathered outside the High Court in Lagos to show solidarity with the Nigerian comedian.

He is due to be released on Friday – when a previous court order allowing Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to keep him in their custody expires, our reporter says.

The judge set his bail at $3,300 (£2,000).
‘No drugs excreted’

Baba Suwe’s lawyer, Bamidele Aturu, said the court’s ruling was a victory for justice.

However, Mr Aturu said he wanted to draw attention to the fact that many Nigerians are detained for lengthy periods without being charged and their cases are never highlighted.

Source: BBC



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