Good day my fellow “GOOD PEOPLE of a GREAT NATION”. I see our country today, and i ask what is wrong? I reside in Britain for now not because i have run away from my fatherland, but because at the moment am offering a masters programme in a university for a course which no university in Nigeria offers.

People ask me what is wrong with and in your country (Nigeria), and i tell them, the same things that were wrong in your country many years ago but you have outgrown the level at which we are, that is why it is strange to you. (matter for another day)

Now i ask myself these questions and i say really what is wrong? Why is everyone who asks a question about the Acting President, or Prof. Dora or Mallam EL- Rufai or any former or present as the case maybe government official labeled names? People say those questioning them should stop being, ignorant or sentimental. But on a realistic note, are we not allowed to ask questions about our government officials or is there now a ban on freedom of expression? Well i am going to ask questions? and lets search our hearts and see if the questions do not deserve answers.

(Please note names will be mentioned no sentiments)

1. The Acting President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.
Since the Acting president has his PRESIDENTIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (PAC) whose role as we were been told is to advise him on different sectors of the country, then please what is the use or need as the case maybe of appointing ministers who would be in-charge of various ministries, and also from experience as a son of a former civil servant (of many years experience) i have also noticed and learned that that is the job of the ministers. Doesn’t this amount to same assignment for 2 set of people? and who pays for this, the TAX payers…please urgent answers.

2. The Civil Societies.
Good we have civil societies now, but please what is the criterion for being a civil society or a civil society member? Is it to be a member of a political party or a friend to an opposition party as the case maybe like Mr. Yinka Odumakin (AC), Prof. Pat Utomi (ADC),  Mallam Tanko Yinusa (NCP), Prof. Wole Soyinka, Alhaji Balarabe Musa (PRP), Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu (APGA), Pastor Tunde Bakare, Mallam Farouk Adamu, Mr. Solomon Asemota (SAN), Mallam Uba Sani, Mr. Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), Hajiya Najatu Mohammed, Pastor Sarah Omakwu, Mr. Femi Falana, Mr. Olawale Oshun, Dr. Tunji Abayomi, Mrs. Ayo Obe, Mallam Naseer Kura, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, Mr. Uche Onyeogocha, Mr. Clement Nwankwo e.t.c? Answers needed.

3. Professor Dora Akunyili
Prof. Dora Akunyili as done really good for “herself” as we all can say, but i still find some aspects disturbing which i think we can ask questions. If as a member of the Federal Executive Council, she found their ethics and mode of operation not in line with her belief, WHY DIDN’T SHE HONOURABLY RESIGN HER APPOINTMENT, couple with the fact that she tried to raise a memo, and it was turned down by some of her colleagues. I also would like to go to her former appointment, as the immediate past minister of information. Nigerians agreed we needed or need rebranding, but please what was the criteria for choosing this campaign against what you met on ground as rebranding processes but not named rebranding as you called yours. example was the NIGERIA magazine started by your predecessor, and was been sold in and out of the country, why did you find it difficult to make continuity of some ongoing projects like the magazine mentioned and also please i put it to Prof. Dora that on assuming duty at the ministry she brought in her team (staff) from her former posting (NAFDAC) to come in and work with her, not recognizing the fact that the ministry of information is a total different office from NAFDAC which she was director general and overlooking the ministry of information staff of over a thousand most of which were made redundant due to her mode of operation. This few questions should be asked and answers giving. (Not asking if she cooked for the President’s wife or not)

4. Governor Babatunde Fashola.
His Excellency Governor Babatunde Fashola the marvel worker in Lagos State of today, more grease to your works. No one can fault it, but still his Excellency should please be asked just one question. His Excellency, THE LEKKI- EPE EXPRESSWAY. This is the road that is supposed to lead to “The New Lagos”. What is happening to the meant to be 44 km expressway which only 2 km has been completed as at the 15th march 2010? His Excellency this was “note my use of was” supposed to be a project from 2006 to 2009 but now we are in 2010 and where are we 2km. His Excellency, now is the time we are going to put you on your feet. Answer us, what is the matter, the truth and only the truth is needed and in “simple English” so that primary and secondary school children who have to spend as much as 2 to 3 hours sitting in the early morning traffic can know what is happening.

Members of the just disbanded Federal Executive Council, friends of Aso Rock Villa, and some Nigerians have and at various times constantly used the word “CABAL”. Why has no one been able or sort it fit to ask these people to name the members of this CABAL and let’s see if anyone of the mentioned names would accept or deny being a member. For me what I know is there are members of the Presidents “Kitchen cabinet” who i believe must have been closest to him before he fell ill, these are those we should be asking questions if we wish about President Umaru Musa Ya ardua and not looking for a faceless CABAL.

Mrs. Farida Waziri good to know she and her office seem to be up and doing now at-least by going after members of Bayelsa State Government, coincidentally the Acting presidents’ own state.(charity begins at home) But i ask one question, just while The Acting President was governor of Bayelsa state, his wife The first Lady Mrs. Patience Jonathan was accused of being involved in 2 money laundering cases of 13.5 million dollars and 104 million naira between August and September 2006 which case was handled by the Economic and Financial Crimes commission and they went as far as getting a court order to freeze the 104 million naira. Shouldn’t we ask madam and her office (since she doesn’t work in isolation) what has happened to this case, and if you cannot find the case file as the case maybe you can ask Mallam Nuhu Ribadu for assistance now that the government has decided to drop all charges against him. I am very sure he would be of assistance. But the question still remains why isn’t anything said about this MONEY LAUNDERING CHARGES AGAINST MRS. PATIENCE JONATHAN?




  1. floreat my brother… your questions are very valid… i doubt that we can get answers for your questions…I guess you are preaching accountability…


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