Angry Children Blast Goodluck Jonathan in Letter Over Christmas Bombings


The Association of Conscious Nigerian Children released this letter to President Goodluck Jonathan. Pretty intense stuff. Read below

Dear Mr. President,

We should say Merry Christmas but we are not your goverment, we are not in the business of deception. After almost ten hours of gathering your thoughts to speak on the bomb blasts that rocked the nation yesterday, you still fell short of your own very low standards. What did you intend to say when you said Bomb Blasts are a burden we must live with? Why do you bother to budget over a trillion for security if we must live the burden of insecurity? How come you are still a president? We do not blame you, we blame our older ones who were stupid enough to think that where you come from and your religion was all you needed to be a competent president.

They are crying now. We all cried yesterday on the darkest Christmas day of our short lives. While we cried and left Christmas postponed for another year, we watched as you danced your life away like there was no tomorrow. Is it true that all you care about is the fact that you are the president so whatever can happen should happen. Last night we prayed for you. We prayed that the white men should be able to make common sense so that we can budget for it and then you will have it in abundance. As it is, it is obvious sir that you are grossly lacking in common sense. If you weren’t, you would never come out to tell a mourning nation that it should get ready to live with the burden of destruction and insecurity. That was utterly insensitive and even the dumbest of our mates, fellow Nigerian children would never descend that low to an unprecedented level of cluelessness.

We understand this is not a sane country, if this was a sane country, your ilk will not be in a job. Your security chiefs, yourself and your cabinet would have been throwing resignation letters left right and centre. But then, here is a place where people are satisfied with just being in positions, that they are clueless about what to do in such positions does not matter.

Mr. President, Boko Haram defeated you in 2011. What plans are you making for 2012? Do you realise they have since improved while your security tactics remain stop and search? Do you realise they are far more coordinated than ever before? Have you thought of engaging more intelligence in curbing this menace instead of just mere brute? Yes, you have issues with concentrating for long, why not budget for a concentrator? That way you are conditioned to at least focus on being the president of Nigeria instead of our national chief chef? You are wondering where that came from? It came from cassava bread sir. You chose the menu for 2012 but we hope you realise that Boko Haram certainly has a menu.

Please Mr. President, they will look to attack again in the New Year, do what you have never done before, get your security chiefs to prevent that by all means. Contrary to your assertion, we are not prepared to live with the burden of bomb blasts. Get yourself to work and stop excusing your inability to deal with Boko Haram on the premise that they are a necessity. What is that? If you cannot lead and be a president, help yourself and resign. Please take your vice-president along. You are a twin set of incompetence.

This letter has been written with kind words, not because we are in the mood to be nice to you but because we are children and respect is a value we want to live with but our lack of it sometimes is a burden you must live with as long as you force us to live with your Boko Haram burden.

We wrote you a letter on subsidy yesterday but we figured it would be better to send this before you get our other letter. As long as your cluelessness reigns supreme in this country, we will always remind you of our angst and stake in this nation. It is not by force to live in Aso Rock. So if you must, do the right things, say the right things and learn to get the basic things right.

The Bomb Blasts darkened our Christmas but your response dampened our mood even further. This is not the way to lead a people. If you need help, we will nominate one of us to offer you words of wisdom for free. As it is, you look overwhelmed by the mere job of providing security for Nigeria let alone the other duties you swore to carry out for Nigeria.

Action point: Sack yourself sir, and take Arc. Namadi Sambo along. It is a good place to start.


Association of Conscious Nigerian Children (ACNC)


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  1. baddass kidz…love their guts…afterall its democracy and this country is no longer playing the demo of their craziness. kidz…I feel your pains…and Mr. president its high time you get international intelligence on this…no matter the cause….get to Obama and get assisted…next target as I heard is the aso rock…hope you are ready to rock to their sweet tunes…

  2. These kids are the BOMB we need to dash them to the presidency as boxin day gift so they can shake their brains up.

  3. Hmm. Obviosly dey r rily bitter nd truly it hurts. Dat was a bad comment frm d supposd presidentof a nation. He shud not av said dat

  4. Who are they fooling? Maybe you all…. What group of kids wrote this Article, from what planet? "WHY FOCUSING ON THE PRESENT GOVERNMENTS' RESIGNATION?
    All this things are Political gambling, whoever wrote this Article's a big FOOL, and anyone who agree with it is not left out. NONSENSE. God Bless Nigeria, and expose the bad eggs, "Political Leaders from the North"……. What Sane person would wake in the morning, wishing him/herself Evil? YOU! So the President can never be at peace with all of this happenings.
    God is your strength GEJ.

    • you are an example of what Nigerians don't want. Listen to yourself, i can smell the greed and the corruption in you by just reading this comment. Please if you are also part of this administration, it is time for you to pack your bags and leave before the blood of the innocents and the suffering of the Nigerian youths/ children follow you and your generations for ever.

  5. If I call u fool for calling other people fools- children or no children I ll be a greater fool, so let me leave it at that. But my issue for you is simply to tell me and my fellow Nigerians what is not about the article. If only you have any loved ones among the bomb victims your reaction would surely have been different. God will punish callous people like you who for personal gain do not feel other people’s pain in this sad moment.The ghost of those innocent souls lost in these bomb blast will hunt you and your generations, until you repent and ask God for forgiveness.

  6. na today we begin here "aso rock is next"? make d fools go bomb am der. wetin be say "aso rock is next " every time?, pride comes before a fall they say. but i don't think GEJ is too proud to seek NATOs' assistance if his security is weak. president!, "they are getting stronger" dat na wetin i need remind you.

  7. Hmmmm, childrem are not smiling. Wat do expect when Ur president neva tot of gud plan during campaign rather just to form & add names to D real 1 his parents gave him. Mr President, ur name is “Ebebiele” & not “Ebele”. I now have strong doubt dat U re a PhD in Zoology rather D earliest time I checked it was MSc in an Admin & PhD in something dat is spelt lyk Psy or Phy. GEJ think well well O & remember wen “U had no shoes”

  8. Who §​☺ ever call those God’s own children a fool is nothing but a MAD MAN.well to my opinion revolution is on the way.those mad men that lives I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ aso rock will soon end up like Gadaffi and when the time comes their billions will not be able to save them.Amen

  9. Hmmmm, children are not smiling. Wat do U expect when Ur president neva tot of gud plans during his campaign, rather than just to form & add names to D real 1 his parents gave him. Mr President, ur name is “Ebebiele” & not “Ebele”. I now have strong doubt dat U havee a PhD in Zoology bcos i came across sumthings long time ago wen I checked it was MSc in an Admin & PhD in something dat is spelt lyk Psy or Phy. GEJ think well well O & remember wen “U had no shoes”. And 4 those insulting odas over, are U also in D Govt?

  10. What a nice letter it was…don’t want to know who wrote it but you actually spoke our mind…its not joke any longer…this government is incapable of ruling a Nation like Nigeria…corruption has eaten so deep inside of us that we don’t know the truth when we see it any longer…people have sold their soul to the devil and we are ruled by this people…the president and sambo who we thought had a vision for this country are vision less and his cabinet are worse than them…all they are planning for now is subsidy removal…what have they done when the subsidy was even there…imagine a speaker saying thank God Benue now has refinery…imagine what a representative was saying…I am tired of writing…I just pray things change fast cause we are heading for the rock…and its going to be bad….

  11. If we all could talk dis well. Then Nigeria has no problem. Let’s channel dis strength to praying 4 our beloved Nation. If we really love our Nation and want a better Nigeria we need to pray more and talk less. Its only wat can help us at dis trying times. Cus prayer changes situations.

  12. Please lets not loose our heads,gej cant do everytin, he only went overboard by making such statement.boko haram has constituted a menace and embarrassment to the nation…..gej should fish out those politicians who are funding this devilsh act by the so cald boko haram.besides i don’t tink mere children can compose such letter.

    • you shouldn't concern yourself with who wrote the letter, all that matters is if the letter actually gives a good advice. I think this letter is a very prolific and unbiased advice, I hope the president reads this.

  13. I dont care who wrote the article….. this guy whats his name…..jonathan… like a toothless bulldog… whether its political or not…how will a president respond 10hrs after a disaster? its pretty insensitive… and i think the guy is just a figure head or puppet. lets just pray for our country.

  14. Be it children or adult from political opponents that wrote this; what I have for GEJ is for him to wake up and face his reponsibility as a president. The humilations on christians are getting too much.

  15. We all had a dull Xmas bcos our president is DULL. Next time,you children should blast him just d way u are feeling and use any word that comes outta ur mouth. Thumbs up

  16. The person who agrees that this letter was written by children is as dumb as they portrayed Jonathan to be..


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