A Nigger’s Playlist- Synching the Psyche



Rap is to blame for the behaviors and minds of its listeners.

In order for any MP3 player to contain music, first it has to be hooked up to a PC where the original audio files are.  When music is being sent from a PC to a device like an iPod, “Sync in Progress” will read across the screen. This is to ensure that the transferring material from the PC successfully reaches the source receiving it.  Just as one hooks headphones into an iPod and the music plays, it is inevitable that the lyrics will sync with the mind or psyche of the source controlling the play button.

Unpopped bottles of Moët as props in VIP.  Going broke to look rich dressed in expensive labels. #Teamlightskin.  Racks on stacks on racks.  Hang time tresses and fat asses in them dresses.  These are common attitudes and mentalities of males both young and old; whose favorite music genre is rap.  Don’t get me wrong, not all rap is crap.  There are conscious artists whose music has depth like Black Thought, Lecrae and K’Naan.  However, many males today are clear reminders that conscious artists with meaningful songs do not occupy their playlists.  Instead, they occupy 16 gigabytes worth of memory on an iPod with ignorant music.

The following status was a rant that was conjured up within seconds when finally I became fed up with the appearance, approach, attitudes, and quite frankly, all of the above concerning black males who frequently listen to rap.  After the sixth black boy walked into a fast food restaurant wearing the same uniform that the other five boys previously walked in with, I had enough.  Their outfits consisted of a high end belt-either Gucci or Louie Vuitton, camouflage pants, a true religion denim jacket, and either Nike Foamposites or a high end pair of shoes.  From one setting to the next; whether on campus’, at malls, social events, etc, black males are often dressed the same, speak the same, and do the same things. It read,

I am passionately disgusted with the state of many black boys in their twenties and older who sag jeans, bag shawties, nigga this,    money that, light skin this, long hair that, roll up this, YOLO that. Allowing rap poison to control their lives. Music is power…you listen to love songs…you gon’ think about sex. You listen to these useless rap songs with catchy beats, you regurgitate the lyrics in the way you act.  Making excuses like, “Product of my environment.” Shut up and evolve.

Product of my environment is an overused nonsense excuse that quickly prompts people to explain that because they come from underprivileged and dangerous neighborhoods, the streets and all of its vice are all they know.  Local well-known ghetto superstars show that fast money is glamorous as they are owners of pretty cars and fly clothes. Consequently, some people become attracted to such materialistic things.  However, what are the excuses for those who grow up in similar neighborhoods and are successful college graduates and honor students?

Particular focus is placed on black males as it is taught to speak only of what you know.  As a black female, close attention is paid on black males because I wish to one day marry one and raise black sons.  Having black neighbors and classmates, and living near black areas, it is of great concern the state of this generation and young black boys growing up today.  While my concerns are about their future relationships and personal growth, they are more concerned with being the flyest and freshest nigga, buying shoes that have not been released to the general public yet,  and which photos to post on the internet showing the expensive cars they sat in while at a car show the day before.

The status goes on to address an ongoing issue amongst blacks which is the light skin/dark skin controversy. In DJ Drama’s 2011 song entitled “Oh My,” the opening lyrics are, “Light skin, dark skin.”  This sort of divisive label language only continues to worsen the problem.  Lil’ Wayne, a rapper and a chocolate colored boy in his twenties said in his 2009 song “Every Girl,” that he likes his chicks, oops!, excuse me, I mean females, with long hair and prefers them to be redbones, or in other words, light skinned.  It is therefore not shocking to hear ignorant remarks from black males who say that they too prefer females who are light skinned.

A former classmate of mine who is black and an avid listener of rap, about a shade darker than chocolate once told me that light skin chicks are all that he has ever been interested in.  He said, “I would bang a light skin chick before I bang a dark skin one.”  Furthermore, he went on to say that even if a black chick is ugly, being light will enhance her appearance than if she was darker.

“C.R.E.A.M.,” “Same Damn Time,” and “Mercy” are popular rap songs, each of which have one basic theme; money, clothes, and cars.

The acronym C.R.E.A.M. stands for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”  Lyrics in “Same Damn Time” are, “I wear Louie, I wear Gucci at the same damn time.”  The nickname “Mercy” is used to refer to the Lamborghini Murcielago; a $250,000 car popularly featured in hip hop music videos.  Hip hop videos continue to prove its major influence in the lives of people who cannot afford rappers’ lifestyles.  For example, wearing an outfit that costs hundreds of dollars and living on the 17th floor of a project building does not make sense.

A serious reality check is in order for those who have subconsciously or consciously allowed rap to poison their minds.

No doubt is music power.  It has the power to make people want to have sex, take someone else’s life, or make positive changes for themselves and others.  Furthermore, a person’s behavior reflects what the mind is fed with daily.  If you feed your mind with educational material it is seen in the work.  If you feed your mind with scriptures, you conduct yourself accordingly. If you feed your mind with ignorance, it shows.

Photo Credit: http://eltemplodelboom.blogspot.com/2011_01_01_archive.html

By: Ashley I. Okonkwo


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  1. This is so true these black men pf today think of nothing more than what they see on TV I’m glad you addressed this men need a grip on life

  2. So true, great article. Some music such as rap can poison minds..but at the end of the day, listening and following the negative message behind the music, Is up to the people. Believe it or not, songs like “mercy” can actually motivate someone to do better or aim higher as far as what they’d like to achieve in life..nothing wrong with a doctor driving a Lamborghini 🙂

  3. @Ikechukwu,please read Matt 24:51 and tell me there’s nothing wrong with ‘weeping,crying and gnashing of teeth too’ 😀

  4. While I agree with what you have addressed in this article I also have to slightly disagree. A contradiction..I know. It is understandable that the music we listen to may have an affect on our mind sets, however I’m not sure that music is to blame. Listeners of this music who are mature enough should not be deeply influenced by the negative lyrics. They should understand that these songs are made for entertainment purposes. I listen to all the aforementioned songs yet I don’t allow it to sway my mentality. I have male friends who listen to it as well, and who are not swayed by the lyrics.
    Overall, great article!

  5. I won’t say much but I think it’s ridiculous to blame behavior on a genre of music. A genre that has many players with a variety of styles and topics. Where does personal responsibility step in?

    Oh maybe I should wear a red cape and see if I can fly after watching Superman do it.

    We all need to own our decisions and stop looking to pass blame.

  6. This is soo true..why do we allow this music destroy what it means to be african american. There needa to be a stop to this!


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