A Little Note Before You Vote


I have thought and thought about what to call my write-up, but I couldn’t think of a very catchy title that will make everyone run to the site to read it. I guess I’ll just call it what it is…A LITTLE NOTE BEFORE YOU VOTE.

This election season has been a very interesting one, full of intrigues, funny, eventful and whatever it has been to you. It has also been a season of debates where some ambitious individuals believe they can stand in front of a microphone, face the audience and begin to build castles in the air. These Nigerian politicians as they think they are have so taken us for granted that they think they can just wake up one morning and face us without taking time to prepare. They barely have a clue of what is expected of them and that is why debates in Nigeria become campaigns. Has anyone taken time to listen to American debates? These men take time to study and research; they have facts and figures as well as a game plan. You dare not face America if all your head is full of is fantasies and you plan to embark on a white elephant project. Trust me, when the questions start coming in, apart from the fact that you may pee on yourself, it will become clearer that you have no business being there in the first place and you would wish you were home watching cow and chicken or singing nursery rhymes to yourself.

These debates have shown that we have more comedians than we thought. AY and Basket mouth indeed have serious competition especially now that we have discovered the Grand Comedian of the Kokolette Republic. It was indeed sad to listen to candidates listing out projects they would embark on when they get into power without a clue of what it would cost them to execute these projects. They became deaf and dumb when asked what their game plan was…….really sad. Their own is just, “Let me get there first, I’ll think from that office”.

My point in all this is that we should not get carried away by orators. Let us make up our minds that this time around, everything in Nigeria must work! From our education system, to our hospitals. Our roads must begin to exist as a means of transportation and not as death traps. The aviation industry must work too, just last week I was in the airport at owerri and there was NO LIGHT…yes NO LIGHT in an airport! A lady walked around announcing the flights. What if something happened midair, how would they send messages? Our image has to change in the eyes of the world.

For us to have a new Nigeria, we must all put our selfish interests’ aside. Dont sell your votes because you may be selling someone’s future.

Don’t take part in violent activities because the people you are fighting for don’t give a rats ass about you. Don’t forget that their children are in Harvard and I’m sure you know that Harvard doesn’t go on strike. Your votes may go to someone for various reasons, but make sure that 10 years from now, you can boldly tell your kids and grandkid what those reasons where. Your choice should be a man of integrity and honour.

Vote wisely-I guess I’ll see you all on Saturday.


ImageSource: CNN.com


  1. What a brilliant article. I am particularly concerned about the kind of men that just take themselves for a fool by popping up from nowhere, simply bcos they think they've got the balls to eat the Big cake in THE A** O ROCK!!! Politicians that r not prepared with just money and ambition won't rule us anymore, we have been fooled for so long. thank God that the vast majority of the youths of our great nation have seen the Light. WE DNT NEED NAMES ANYMORE IN OUR NIGERIAN POLITICS, WE NEED MEN WITH PROSPECTS, ORGANISED, AND SERIOUS PEOPLE WHOM WOULD HAVE DONE THEIR RESEARCH WELL, AND PROPERLY MAPPED OUT THEIR STRATEGIES ON HOW TO ELEMINATE POVERTY, SLUM-ISM AND ILLITERACY FROM OUR COUNTRY BEFORE CLIMBING ON THE STAGE TO DEBATE!!!


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