80 Children Rescued From Boko Haram Can’t Remember Their Own Names


How sad is this?

About 80 children that have been rescued from Boko Haram captivity can’t even remember their own names or where they are from. This is according to an NGO official that visited an orphanage where the kids are being housed.

The kids were rescued in November from a Boko Haram camp in Cameroon.

According to a report from BBC, the director of the National Democratic Institute, Christopher Fomunyoh had this to say about the children:

“They’ve lost touch with their parents. They’ve lost touch with people in their villages, they’re not able to articulate, to help trace their relationships, they can’t even tell you what their names are.”

The children range from ages 5-18, and are unable to speak English, French or any other local languages.



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