5 Predictions For The Nigerian Super Eagles At The 2014 World Cup


The world cup is upon us people. We’re just one day away from the biggest sporting event in the world. For us Nigerians it’s another exciting moment, and one that can potentially make us forget the horrible showings we’ve had over the last few world cup, most notably 2010.

So without too much long story, here are some things to expect from the super eagles this world cup.

1. No More Karate Kick Red Cards


We all remember Sani Kaita and his Ryu-style Karate kick from the last world cup. Well this world cup there will be none of that. For one this team is more disciplined defensively, and they rarely give away silly free kicks or get random bookings. I trust Keshi has fixed some of those issues. Nigeria might not have the attacking flair of previous years but defensive we’re pretty solid much thanks to the goalie Vincent Enyema.


2. Nigeria will struggle against Iran, but still win.


Everyone in Nigeria has pretty much written off Iran as a forgone conclusion, and expects the Super Eagles to defeat them with ease, but not so fast my friend. No one came to the world cup to get flogged, and Iran had a pretty impressive qualification path, top South Korea in the group. Nigeria will eventually prevail but I expect this one to be much tougher and tighter than expected.


3. Emenike will shine


For us Nigerians, we are fully aware of the talent/potential Emenike has, but expect this to be on full display in the World Cup. He’ll have a good world cup, will score a couple of goals, and generally have a good showing. Good enough that we might see him shift clubs after the competition.


4. Round of 16 at least


I’m going to go out say Nigeria will qualify for the round of 16 for the first time since 1998 this year. A win against Iran, a draw against Bosnia, and a 0-0 draw against Argentina (Thanks to Enyema) will see us through as 2nd in the group. We’ll play France in the round of 16, and anything can happen from there.


5. Expect the unexpected


Nigeria history has been the team to defy expectations all the time. When they are expected to do very well, they fail woefully, and when they’re written off they surprise a lot of people including their fans. We were not even given a chance to be African champions but alas here we are, and from many of the predictions I’ve read from analysts, many are picking Bosnia over Nigeria in Group F. However, you just never know with the Super Eagles. We could lose to Iran but beat Bosnia and Argentina. Pretty much expect the unexpected.





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