22 Things You Should Know About Lagos



You’re visiting Lagos, Nigeria for the first time ever? Or you haven’t explored Lagos the way you think you should? Here are 22 things you should know about Lagos. The most populous city in Africa.


1. Yeah Traffic is crazy but if you understand the traffic time table , you can go around Lagos when the roads are less busy.

2. If you are caught by LASTMA or Police breaking any traffic law, don’t waste time, don’t argue start bargaining.

3. Apart from food with expiry date, Items bought from hawkers in traffic are at buyer’s risk. Most of them are faulty, fake or stolen.

4. If you are not sure if a road is one-way, stop and ask.


5. If you want to hang out at night or go clubbing, go to Victoria Island, Ikoyi or Lekki. The experience is different from that of anywhere else on the  mainland.

6. Its cheaper to give a tout 200 naira each time you park your car at night than to start looking for the car after grooving at night.


7. Not everyone living on the Island is rich. There are ghettos on the island.

8. There is no PHCN in Lekki. Budget a lot for diesel and fuel if you are moving there.

9. Ajegunle has a few fine areas and most of the people living there are not touts.


10. If you want to have fun at the beach (elegushi), go there in the evening but remember that half of the ladies there are out for business.

11. At least 1 person drowns every weekend at each beach. Don’t get too close to the water.

agege bread


12. Eating in a Buca aka Mama Put is better than eating in a fast food eatery. Mama Put will give good customer service and quality African dishes while the fast food gives poor service and extra calories.

13. Agege bread will not kill you, take it once in a while though.

14. Not all bottled water is safe, some sachet (pure water) are better than the bottle water.


15. A bus can take you anywhere a taxi will take you. All you need is to know your bus route and a few meters of trekking

16. Hold your bags, wallets and phones firmly while you enter a public bus and when you are inside the bus. The person sitting next to you may soon become the new owner of your valuables.

17. Always keep some change handy before you enter a public bus. This will save you a lot of grammar with the bus conductor and the possibility of losing your N1000 note.

18. Don’t answer touts or urchins walking around the airports or other public places it will cost you extra bucks if they help you sort something out.


19. Half of the goods sold in big shops at exorbitant prices are found in the market at cheaper rates. Most of these boutiques buy from the local market or they buy from the same shop in UK during summer sales.

20. Smoking weed is legal in some joints for example somewhere at the beach, somewhere in lekki, somewhere in Maryland, somewhere in Surulere and somewhere in your area. All smokers are liable to die young but that’s if it applies to pot. I think weed smokers are liable to yaba left. Lol

21. All hotels are fully booked on Friday nights.

22. If you can make it in Lagos, you can make it anywhere else in the world apart from Syria.


Written by Ayo Alloh! [followbutton username=”kingceiver” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]




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