20 Reported Dead In Gun Attack In Legislative Quarters in Abuja


Reports reaching us is that at about 1am today, gunmen dressed in Nigerian Army uniforms and fatigue stormed the Abuja Legislative Quarters in the Nigerian capital and began firing rounds of ammunition. Number of causalities we’ve heard range from 6 to almost 20.

Witnesses as saying that the gunmen started shooting sporadically upon storming the quarters, and some of the victims claim that some of them had identity cards which have been found on the scene.

As at this moment the area has been evacuated by the Nigeria Police and an investigation is on the way.

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  1. Youths are getting more angry over the way our politicians treat us,ASUU,Unemployment and all other stuffs happening to youth while our lawmakers children are enjoying abroad,pensions gratuities not paidand they expect people to be happy? I can say this is just the beginning.

  2. So because the youths are angry at politicians they have the right to kill who they like?
    When thèse youths finish destroying Nigeria (God forbid) they will be the ones to suffer because as you know the politicians and their families will move abroad.
    Now that Nigeria is shining on a international level people want to bring it down. In some countries we are considered to be as dangerous as Iraq or Afghanistan!how bàd is that?
    This has to stop o.

  3. Mubarak I take sides with you. It’s high time we blow up this country and kill all these bad leaders. We need to seal off the house of assembly and reps as they are legislating only for their personal, selfish interest.It only pains me that the so called Boko boys are destroying defenseless Nigerians like us. They know the palatial houses of all those high profile political thieves. Just one bomb is okay for them to sit up and see the teeming amount of impoverished youths, mothers and dying infants, all malnourished!! I have traveled far and wide and I can categorically say that Nigeria;s case is worse. Just name it!!!
    Listen up, no politician is sincere in Nigeria from the presidency to the Councilor and not until Nigeria politicians have a personal day job(not politics) and their basic pay is cut by over 60% the incidence of corruption and embezzlement of public funds will be on the increase, uncontrollably!!!
    So much to say!! so much!!! God please save this country from the hands of these EVIL leaders.


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