18 Killed In Market Attack In Borno


Gunmen who many believe are part of Boko Haram opened fire at a market in Damboa, Borno state, killing 18 people on tuesday.

“Some gunmen came into the market yesterday afternoon and opened fire on a group of hunters. Eighteen people were killed in the attack.” local chief Abba Ahmed told journalists of the attack in Damboa.

There were different reasons given for the attack. Some have claimed that the Islamist were angry over the sale of pork in the market as pork is forbidden in Islam. Other reports suggest that it’s in response to a local vigilante group put together by hunters to respond to the rise in robberies in the area.

Hunters typically sell their game at the market in Damboa where the attack occurred.

It looks like 2013 will see more of this terror reign by Boko Haram.



  1. Its sickening to see what our country is becoming. As if we haven’t got enough problems already, it’s like we keep taking steps backwards. Nigeria is falling apart and these are the signs. We need to act on it, and fast, before it gets out of control.
    My prayers and condolences go to the families of the deceased. Their souls rest in peace. 


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