14 Year Stowaway Found In Tyre Compartment Of Arik Air Flight In Lagos



A 14year old boy, Daniel Ikehina on Saturday beat airport security and flew in the tyre compartment of an Arik Air plane flying from Benin to Lagos. The boy allegedly ran away from his home because of the treatment he received and hid in the tyre area assuming the flight was heading to US.

He was caught at the Lagos airport as the plane landed. He is currently held in SSS custody and being questioned. His family back in Benin is also being questioned about the stunt.

What a stunt and huge risk!!!

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  1. Dats so strange to hear pls the SSS should nt release d boy he his very useful…so smart but risky…too much of holly wood film can u see wat it has caused???

  2. Nigerians should learn to see positivity in any negative occurrences. This is just a revelation of what is inbuilt in such a lad, which should be harnessed. Knowing who or what we are made for or to do is the greatest problem we have in Nigeria and when such thing like this happen, it has helped the government to reveal one out of the millions that exist in Nigeria which they cannot harness. Let them strategically plan his future usefulness to this nation.

  3. the Nigerian youth should just, see what the 14 year old, did, and copy 4rm him, he did what the black Americans did, by sitting in the segregated restaurant, launch counter, he did what Rosa park by refusing to give her seat to the white, the boy want a fair treatment though he could not get, he decided to find his seat in that corner, the boy symbolize freedom, his courage supersedes the nigerian legal system to defend truth… he is Dr. martin Luther king jnr…


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