VIDEO REVIEW: Simi – Joromi


Aside the fact that the new tune “Joromi,” is relating on so many grounds, X3M Music act, Simi and AJE Film Works have simply granted us another perfect video which is brilliantly colorful, and with less cast involved.

Simi tells a story that is common but with multiple occurrences. Either from gentlemen or the ladies, there is always that one person that is given the green light but will sometimes need magnifying glasses to see it.

Once she had sighted her Joromi (the bartender), Simi decided to take her shot. Rather than directly giving her number, she decided to device a means of getting her number to Joromi by purposely forgetting her wallet with her number in it – sharp babe right??!!.

Hoping he gets her message, Joromi finds the purse and sends a message as she impatiently waited; “Hi, you forgot something at the bar“…. The grin on her face gives her away but nah!, she’s not sharing the good news yet.

Joromi is still not getting the message. At this point she is like “I dey give you signal, why you no dey see me now“?


And when heroine decides to play a few stunts to ensure she sees her Joromi again, maybe, just maybe, this time he would get the signal…but well, you guessed it. The video speaks for itself.

She decides to play a few more tricks and finds Joromi, breaking some sweat at the basket ball court and fakes a sprained ankle. The gentleman Joromi offers to take her home as he carries her in his arms (the big grin reappears again). They get home and she walks normal, the surprising look on Joromi’s face was as if to say, but you have a bad ankle!!??…….

After pulling the same stunt a few more times with her purse, Joromi concludes “i think your purse is in love with me”, he tells her. I believe he got the message later on.

The highlight of the newly shot video is the limit to the show of flesh, flashing all over the screen as in most videos (Or as expected though with a few exceptions).

Simi kept the moderate look as usual and within four days of its release, the visual garnered over 200,000 views on Youtube. This goes as far as telling acts out there that you don’t need to show a lot of sex appealing scenes to gain a huge following or support.

To be frank, I feel JOROMI is a video you can watch over and over again with an incorruptible message – with virtually little or no harm done. With a highly revered video producer who has practically demonstrated his prowess at the back-end, I’ll give the JOROMI video: 4.0/5.



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