Review: Tale of Two Cities – Dremo’s Ojere Music Video


The recognition and respect of the great legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, in the 8th second of the video is commendable. It’s like pouring libation on ancestral ground. Double thumbs up to Director Q for cinematic graphics. Dremo’s flow is fiery, after all he says, he’s ‘straight out of hell ojere!’ Though he slows down at times to engage in a trap-flow – I don’t wish to compare him to Ycee or Future, or even Yo Gotti, he fires up unexpectedly. 
The production; of course is good. The colourful dancing lights, cooking in the chicken with fly chicks dishing plates of fries reminds one of the Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill’sHouse Party’. It has the homely feel: friends chilling; playing video games, and arguing amidst ladies hanging in the corners. Dremo is quick to tell us of his personal struggle saying; ‘I just start, and I just start to dey get enemies, ojere!/ Wait now, why you dey vex make I land first, before you bury me / Got girls in line, got girls in line…all of them fine, but I’m fucking more the finest, ojere!’ These paints picture of the party mood and his no nonsense approach to slackers is responded with; ‘I no sen’ them, I no get third time, ojere/ I no get time but the rollie dey my left hand ojere.’ When you’re on Omo Baba Owo records, flossing should be expected and Dremo held up the light and continued;..but you rolling with the best gang ojere/ This girls dey fumble, them dey fumble how to get ojere.

If you wan’ dey long queue, we use your hand ojere. It should be noted that repetition is the masterstroke of this track. His repetition reminds us of a style shared by Mike Jones and Lil Kesh among others. And that’s the first phase of the video which I have personally divided into three. First was the night house party, still within the Nigerian atmosphere. 

Next is day time and Dremo is seen hanging out with friends outside the assumed house of the party confessing; About last night, I really blame it on the gray goose ojere/ I think sey she be Coke bottle but woke up to see bottle of Fayruz ojere…Real recognise real, back up your face, get out of here..’ It’s a neighbourhood thing as he retells the happenings of the previous night. And the outfit of friends on the scene are still casual as at last night’s. 

The third phase is a change of not only scene but geographical location and costume – and custom if you like. We see a Middle Eastern blend with Asian attires, particularly Indian. Though location could predictable be Dubai – UAE. It is the most luxurious and lavish scene in the whole video with a cameo by the HKN – DMW, boss himself; Davido. Dremo is conscious of the scene or rather, Director Q is conscious of Dremo’s lyrics with the change. Dremo raps; ‘Steady getting the dough-dough, look at me from the toe-though/ Nigga you already know, I’m flush/ Me I dey rock only designer clothes/ I mean they pay me for every show/ And if you owe me I’m at your door.’ Yes, he’s trying to bring his street credibility to the fore here. The kurtas, flamboyant turbans, Nehru jackets, djellabas, golden telescope, glittering necklaces, studied wristwatches amidst hawk-hunting spot display, shisha-smoking and belly dancers take the video to its climax. 

Ask about me,’ Dremo keeps reminding us, ‘they always doubt me.’ His fiery delivery in the last verse peaks with the visuals saying; ‘you got to keep up with the same pace, you fit dey missing/ I’ve been taking too many bullshit.’ He takes a childhood jab or rather a memory lane clap thus; I no dey f*** with you, just because sey we dey buddy..for secondary school/ E no mean sec you be my G, E no mean sey I owe you shit/ E no mean sey you go fit come chill for my crib without informing me…’ 

The sing-song pattern of the song is sure to win fans in the industry and would be good at performances. The video is rich and one could imagine the handwork put into attaining such sublimity – not all through though. Though the video fails to dramatises certain key moments in the lyrics, it still delivers through several scenes, a drastic change for Dremo as an artist and his crew. It is hoped that more sacrifices would be made to make videos of this quality, its artistic significance should also be upgraded along professed storylines. 

By Dominic 




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