Patoranking – G.O.E Album | The Review


According to Idowu Koyenikan ,“At the end, someone or something always gives up. It’s either you give up and quit or the obstacle or failure gives up and makes way for your success to come through”. This quote can be related to Patoranking’s journey in the music industry from his beginnings up till now. It is a beautiful and inspiring story.

When God gives you victory, no one can take that away from you. More praises are needed to gain more and Patoranking is good at that, very good. “Alubarika” laid the bricks of the successful career. A lot of people were doubtful of his career, and they wondered if he was one of those one hit wonders. Critics were waiting to write him off in anticipation of his second single, but Pato proved everyone wrong.

“Girlie O” scored him new rankings, to cap it all he dropped a remix with tiwa Savage. At this point, if you are not taking this man serious, he is ready to prove you wrong all over again. You know when food is too sweet, you always want more. From nowhere he dropped another with Wande Coal, raising all jaws in anticipation of his debut.

I was ready for the album, everyone was waiting for him to drop that magic, and then he dropped “Daniella Whine”.

“Another level” crept out weeks after, the suspense was killing and Patoranking knew it. A date calmed his fans because they know they have a date August 2016,then he dropped “No kissing baby” featuring Sarkodie. At this point the suspense was killing everyone like this guy dropped almost 5 singles off his album. But behold, when he dropped the official track list and we were looking at 13 new songs on the LP. It’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

I couldn’t wait to be fed with a Patoranking album, the blissful vibe when you are excited about something especially when I knew I was expecting to bump thirteen new songs, the ranking vibe that gives you those laughable moments.

God Over Everything is a very powerful title and it gives the idea that the album is dedicated to God and after listening previous songs from him, you know he is not an average artiste one bit. The project starts off with a prayer from his biological mother, isn’t that great? Getting mother’s blessing before you embark on your journey, with an  energetic repeat  chanting his name. He went ahead to give us an explanation of his album title on G.O.E, taking us down the memory lane of his journey: The Pain, the Sacrifice; what he has been through will make you chant God’s name every time u can. On his way to work, he met a very fine lady on “Cheating Zone”, professing his love for this woman. The reggae, saxophones, are just beautiful on this lovely track.

He dives into “Money”, I mean who doesn’t like money? We all do. Another testimony of his journey from nobody to somebody as he sings, “Accompanied” with Phyno. They birthed a melodious track.  He rants about this mystery girl on “Killing me”, professing his love to her on “This Kind Luv” which features Wizkid. With a solid production from Sarz, you really can’t go wrong. He goes back and forth singing about love, and God’s blessings on other tracks on the project making it look like a compilation of different songs. It ended up sounding more like a mixtape than an album. The monotony of themes, the absence of a narrative kinda makes it boring.

A good debut, he was able to give a testimonial of God’s blessings and his romantic confessionals to this mystery dream girl. Also the absence of a ranking joint is scores the album down. You can’t be a “ranking” without a stoner music, it was expected of Pato to give us stoner music regardless of the storyline of his project. No ranking vibe, all blur and what not.

But In terms of production, some cuts sounded rushed and the mixing seemed not finished well, but overall Pato gets a achieving a successful story. Sometimes perfection is a myth, he did great things on this project. He started this album with blessings from his mother, praised God and also singing about this mystery lady gave the album different vibes. He also ended his project with a track with the King of Fuji, Kwam 1. Giving him that matured vibe with freestyle from king himself from some of his old songs. You have been vibing to songs about love, God’s blessings, Pato closed the curtains with an owambe track for you to sip your drink and dance to.

Patoranking delivered a very good debut, God Over Everything the album will be celebrated for years to come. Good Project but it definitely could’ve been a lot better.




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