This Wonderful Gesture Is The Reason Why We Love Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy
Don Jazzy
Don Jazzy

We love Don Jazzy, and it’s for much more than his music. Here’s what Don Jazzy did that adds to the reasons why we absolutely love him as fans.

So apparently while at Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos, a delta employee while being starstruck by Don Jazzy is his midst, allowed Don Baba to drive the electric cart which is used to transport passengers unable to walk within the airport. The thing is, it’s against policy for non staff to drive the carts, and subsqeuntly the employee got sacked.

But here’s the kicker. It looks like it was all worth it in the end, as after the employee got fired, Don Jazzy hired him to work at Mavin HQ (Either Mavin Oil or Mavin Records). Now that is a very nice gesture and a smart one too. Don Jazzy could’ve easily offered him money, or something non sustainable but a job? Now that’s some assurance.

On his instagram he wrote:

Ok I took this post before becos they threatened to fire this guy with me. Now dem don fire am. I guess I can post back since he is now my newest employee. I’m sorry bro but welcome to the Mavin Empire.

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