Wizkid’s Goons Defend Him Over Allegations On #LooseTalkPodcast


As Wizkid’s matter keeps trending trending his day one friends have spoken for him following his backlash on Loose Talk Podcast.

The Starboy honcho was labeled a fuck boy and a drug addict as he was cross examined by the hosts of Loose Talk Podcast. The accusations did not stop at that it was clearly stated that Wizkid is a user of people and so far he has abandoned his day ones as he got bigger.

In a swift action, his day ones, Rotimy Rudeboi and Piper have responded to the accusations to defend the honour of the Starboy. Each one making their respective response said those allegations were unfounded and only fueled by hate. Rotimy mentioned that Wizkid has made a lot of impact in his life despite what has been said.

Reason their post below.



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