WizKid Would Love A Collabo With Asa; But Most Nigerians Don’t Want It At All


So about 24 hours ago, WizKid tweeted that he’d love a collabo with soul artist Asa stating that he loves her (music).

That’s all good and dandy, and realistically when it comes to music, you just never know. WizKid is talented in his own genre and you just never know these things. It could turn out great. But don’t tell that to most Nigerians. Twitter went on fire with Nigerians completely bashing the idea. Here are some tweets we gathered.

  There are a few that supported the idea tho


As for us here! We’re just patiently waiting to see what happens. We could all be surprised with a dope collabo. So for us we’re like this


But we ask you guys though;

Do You Think A WizKid and Asa collabo will work?

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