WizKid and Rihanna! On A Track Together?



Seems like WizKid has been rolling with the stars recently. Just days after pictures of him with Chris Brown surfaced online, we’re seeing another link to an international superstar. Rihanna! Could it really be? WizKid and Rihanna?

Well this isn’t a picture. but more like a tweet from WizKid.

Take from that tweet what you will, and it has a lot you can take out of it. Could it be WizKid just famzing? Could they be on a track together? We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s worth noting that, Rihanna didn’t respond or retweet the tweet.




  1. Comment:happy birthday to u wizzy wizzy I wish u long life and prosperity.I like him so much bcus he like thinking big dat y I like calling him d ultimate Star boy…

  2. I love wizkid mehn this guy is what where ever he is today anything is possible wizkid Rihana awww that is gonna be great indeed


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