WizKid Responds To Samklef; Here’s What He Had To Say About Their Relationship


Just earlier today, producer, and former close friend of WizKid, Samklef had some choice words for his former partner in crime. In an interview he’s quoted as saying “I’m not happy with Wizkid. I like his music, but I don’t like him as a person anymore. The reason I don’t like him anymore is, why do you go about spoiling other people’s business?

There’s much more of what he said here.

Samklef went further to say WizKid has spread bad rumors about him, and spoils business for him by downplaying his production pedigree.

WizKid has come out to reply Samklef, and is going the “kill him with love rout”. Here’s what he tweeted just a few moments ago

From these tweets it sounds like Samklef might be pulling for some controversy. If in fact he was just at WizKid’s house 2 weeks ago, then the relationship couldn’t have gone sour in such a short time. You never know thought but we have a feeling there will be more as far as this is concerned.

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