Whoa! Davido and His Driver Really Beat Up MC Galaxy?

mc galaxy and davido

Whoa! MC Galazy cannot catch a break can he? Word on the street is that MC Galaxy, known for his smash hit, Sekem, was beat up by Davido and his driver at Shizzi’s studio a couple of days ago.

According to the source, the incident happened 2 days ago, after an argument between B-Red (an HKN artist) and MC Galaxy escalated quickly. The argument was apparently over who’s more popular. Davido is reported to have asked MC Galaxy to leave the studio, and shortly after, pounced on MC Galaxy, along with his driver.

Curled from LIB, here’s what an eye witness said:

“David didn’t like that Galaxy was yabbing his boys and asked him to leave. Before Galaxy could react, David hit him on the back. Then his driver, Lati, took over, punching Galaxy and then hit him on the head with an Orijin bottle. B-Red didn’t touch Galaxy and Shizzi was very upset about what was happening in his studio and tried to stop the fight. Shizzi was really upset that Galaxy was attacked. If you see MC Galaxy’s eyes now”

MC Galaxy confirmed that he was in fact attacked by Davido and his driver, Lati. He also expressed that he’s surprised that this happened as he believed he had a good relationship with Davido. He also said Kamal, Davido’s manager, has called to apologize.

The two had collaborated on a song together in 2013, titled Nek-Unek.

If you recall, MC Galaxy was attacked in Washington DC when a dispute with club promoters went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Why does MC Galaxy keep getting beat up? 🙁




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