Whitenicious! The Outragoues Name Of Dencia’s Rumored New Skin Care Line



Outrageous is the right word. The word on the blogger streets this morning is that Cameroonian/Nigerian singer is set to launch a new line of skin care products interestingly called Whitenicious.

Apparently the Whitenicious cream is targeted at people suffering from dark spots anywhere on the body, but goodness no one in the camp thought of a better name? Or is she intending on selfishly preying on the minds of many africans who would be looking to lighten their skin? What exactly is the kind of message Dencia is trying to put out? I don’t doubt that the cream might be innocently trying to get rid of dark spots (a big might) but throwing a name like that out there sends a serious self-loathing message to the dark skinned African population.

Anyways, one look at her and one cant be surprised at this move, but right now we’ll just hope to God that this is just a rumor, and that Dencia despite the way she looks is much smarter than this.





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