We look very intimidating when stepping out – P-square



When asked by Vanguard about the impression most people have that Psquare is arrogant, P-Square replied:

“I think Psquare is very intimidating and we are not arrogant. When you saw me today, did I look arrogant? That’s a wrong impression people have about us. There is Peter and there is Paul. Peter is stubborn, bad and controversial, but they say Paul is quiet, cool headed and all that. But you see, you cannot steal from peter to pay Paul. If you steal from Peter to pay Paul, you are indeed paying Psquare. I’m a very controversial person and I’m not expecting every news about me to be positive. Psquare is not arrogant, it’s just that the people are scared of approaching them, considering the way we operate. When you see Psquare stepping out, we look very intimidating. But the people who are very close to know that we are not arrogant. Beyonce could visit a shopping mall today, and the whole place will be shut down. That does not make her arrogant. It is her management that has made it to be so.”




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