War Of Words! WizKid Reacts To J-Martins Allegedly Blasting Him Over Calling A Fan Broke


Well we saw something like this coming right?

A few weeks ago, WizKid made a comment on his instagram page reacting to a diss from a fan on his photo. The comment made headlines all over twitter and caused a lot of people to react negatively towards him.


Just yesterday, VanguardNGR reported that J-martins had blasted WizKid over the comment he made to the fan in question. Here is what VanguardNGR reported that J-martins said:

I’m not taking any side, don’t mean no beef, no disrespect, and no hate but let the truth be told. I don’t believe because you feel you have a few change you didn’t have a few years ago and which you cannot guarantee having in a few years to come then you wake up and look at those people who have cheered you up, loved you, supported your music, bought your CD’s, prayed for you, just because you can lay your hands on some phone and you call them ‘poor’. Am not in and will never be in support of anyone who has such bad attitude.

“It needs to be corrected, we owe our fans the duty of being good examples that’s why they hold us in high esteem, that’s why you are a role model and if you know you cannot be a good role model you have no business in Music. You don’t know if it’s that person that might help you tomorrow, whoever does that should be checked.

“You have to decide why you are in the music industry. If you know you cannot be a role model then you have no business being there”

WizKid took to twitter not too long ago to defend himself and also state that he’s disappointed in J-Martins for making such a statement.




Well in yet another twist J-Martins have come out on twitter to say that he didn’t make a statement against WizKid and that the reports are false.


So now, what do we make of all this? Apologies might be needed all around at this point.

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  1. Wizkid is fund of dat rubbish…I called him to see how he was doing after his car crash,he didn’t pick up,later on he called me back only to warn me never to flash him again,when I never did…My bro I’m a fellow artiste,the fact that your up there today doesn’t make you a God…incase you don’t know,ASK OJB JEZREEL,he’ll tell u.

  2. hello mr.wizkid,dnt mind them,they want to bring u down God is by urside,who God has bless no man can course.dnt bother keep on flowing.i love u,Wiz wizard.

  3. Wizzy You Are Not Serious They Are Correcting U For Somthing Wrong You Did You Are Saying Rubbish Just Dat Only Today You Know You Dont Tomorrow So Tryied To Apologize What You Have Done

  4. You niggas should grow up…leave d kid alone…y would a fan diss him…we all make mistakes in English…so shut d hell up n let wizkid be…thumbs up bro…

  5. Wizkid is very wrong to say dat to his fan….atleast i knw hw much i spend on his album and ticket for his show….we deserv som respect bro……

  6. U guys are all ranting tell me if some1 offends u mostly a fan….how wil take it by insulting u.wizkid is right 2 pour out any trash frm his mouth mtchwww.up u bro

  7. Just read this article and am like ‘OMGeezy’. I think wizy wasn’t in a good mood that day…#vexin maras. Really though, every one makes mistakes, abi u wan speak yoruba ni?

  8. jxt accept d fact u did sth wrong nd nt claiming u re wise enough to be corrected ,it does nt take discipline to dream bt it does take discipline to make those dreams real so little boy accept d fact nd apologize, everyone is likely to make mistakes bt wen u do, accept u did nd give in by apologizing onitsha nothing changes outside until there is a change from inside ,u wia nt born great, you became wat u re,persistence is stubborness wit a purpose so boy apologize nd stop blasting


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