Umm What’s Going On Between Skales and WizKid? Read Their Tweets At Each Other

skales and wizkid

It’s no secret. Skales and WizKid were on the same label a few years back. Back when it was the EME boys with Banky W, WizKid and Skales. Recently WizKid has been floating his own StarBoy label, though technically still with EME, and Skales has left, linking up with Baseline.

I guess it’s fair to say they got along and all, and really either on social media or through the grape vine there was no real reason to assume there’s any bad blood between them.

WizKid and Skales
Once upon a time. WizKid and Skales

Well until we saw these tweets… Read em and draw your own conclusion.

This is how it all started

Of course WizKid wasn’t going to not reply so this how it well went on and escalated


Well whatever it is they need to sort it out sha. Especially behind closed doors (not like we’re complaining too much). But seriously… How many people are gonna have issues with WizKid?

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  1. Thunder go fire u wizkid fire ur pple wey dey talk for here sef……ogun go injure una for me,wizkid u gat d glory dou and me no dey beef ur glory buh guy go learn hw to talk cox na same tin wey u do obo b daht wey daht guy take hate u….skales never tell u anytin bad u start to dey tweet shitz….u mumu too much na hin mak Eme chop u lyk #ofedaku#,Skales wise na hin no mak am drop hit for dem…..nw check man of d year out u dix wizzyfool…BIG UP SKALES


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