Twitter Reactions To The Latest Twist In The Linda Ikeji vs WizKid Saga

linda ikeji vs wizkid

What is that latest twist you ask? Well here’s a summary:

  • Linda Ikeji posted on her blog that WizKid was being evicted from his Lekki home (said it was rented not bought)
  • WizKid gets angry at the “false story” and says she slept with his video director, says that her vajajay stinks, call her old and lonely, and then threatens to get someone to beat her up
  • Linda Ikeji then takes the threat “seriously” and takes the complaint to the Lagos State commissioner who then summons WizKid to the police station (not sure he actually went)
  • Linda puts out a loooong story about why she actually took it to the police citing fighting for women’s rights and being anti violence to women.

All caught up? Yep!

So with all that you already know abour these two “love birds”, you know their names were all over twitter and social media all day yesterday. There are the folks that side with Linda, those that side with WizKid, and of course those in it just for the laughs. Check out the best reactions we found:



  1. Linda Ikeji is just using this as an opportunity to drag the whole world to her attention and blog even to gain popularity.That she is rich doesn’t give the right to insult anybody


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