TRENDING: #SexForGrades: Falz Dragged for ‘Refusing’ to Speak


Following the explosive investigated by Kiki Mordi which was published on BBC that exposed activities of sexual harassment by lecturers in Nigeria and Ghana, Nigerian rapper, Falz has been dragged into the ongoing discussion for his silence on the subject matter.

Falz who is known for lending his voice on social issues especially on his ‘Moral Instruction’ album where he addressed the issues of transactional sex, bad governance, corruption, has been quiet and that has triggered reactions from some people on Twitter.

The ongoing discussion started when a Twitter feminist, Ozzy Etomi tweeted saying “Where is Falz. A topic he’s passionate about has been trending all day and we haven’t heard a peep.”

Well, a lot of Twitter followers are not happy about this and have registered their displeasure, stating that dragging Falz was a baseless argument.

Here’s how they’ve been reacting:


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