TRENDING: How Nigerians Reacted to M.I Abaga’s Diss Song Fired At Vector


Many Nigerians have reacted (and are still reacting) to a recent diss song released by highly revered Nigerian rapper, Jude Abaga, professionally known as M.I Abaga.

The diss song, a reply to Vector’s ‘The Purge‘ and later ‘Tetracycling’, has triggered widespread reactions from social media users, especially those on Twitter.

Now a trending topic, M.I bowed to pressure and dropped this reply titled “The Viper (A letter to Vector)”.

The ongoing feud between both rappers was initially perceived as a publicity stunt but M.I’s reply has unearthed angles to this beef.

Here’s how Twitter users are reacting to the diss track.



  1. Comment:I’m glad someone’s trying to make sense. MI is the snitch the was beefing Hennessey for only Gods knows what and Vector as their ambassador of Henny can’t let that shit slide. Trust me tha Viper is gon bite again and this time some people might end up in 4 inch caskets

  2. Comment:from the moment I read about Vec on ur blog I knew u were one of his. Lemme advise u like MI did, let people be proud they met u in life and don’t be a viper…

  3. Mi and Vec are dope 9ja rappers. i understand the game is just like jayz and nas tin…jay made more money than nas but lazy to fight nas in a battle of rap. same applies here. M.i should be straight forward and stop saying is an advice diss when he has poured his own mind dissing vector. The truth is yes we know u have more money than Vector but can u fight vector in a rap battle…no rules in rap battle anything goes, anybody goes…

  4. I like the part he said M.i bushit his dad’s name…lol him viper dad’s is dead. And he also said viper is shorter than the headies.😂. M.i I understand u are a boss but sometimes don’t playing with children is dangerous. Now see na

  5. I like where vector said, M.i don’t care about his dad he bulshit his name…lol everyone knows his dad is dead. And also he said M.i is shorter that headies. Damn viper has more venom. He was actually talking to him and his brother d same time. What a classic finishing


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