Time Magazine Ranks Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria NO1 “Selfie” city in Africa


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According to Time Magazine, Ikeja in Lagos Nigeria is the “selfiest” city in Africa after discovering the population there take more selfies than any other city in Africa!!!! #NaijaPeople!! r

This ranks it 224th out of over 450 cities surveyed globally. According to Time, Ikeja with a population of just over 313,000, boasts of 14 “selfies” to every 100,000 people, ranking.

The 2nd-6th positions all go to South African Cities Johannesburg with seven “selfies” taken for every 100,000 people. Cape Town (331), Pretoria (379), Port Elizabeth (400) and Durban (414). Then Nairobi Kenya comes in at 7th place. TIME built a database of more than 400,000 Instagram photos tagged “selfie” that included geographic coordinates to investigate the geography of selfies.

Globally, Makati City in Philippines is No 1 with 258 “selfies” being taken for every 100,000 people!



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