Timaya Throws Shade At Peter Okoye (Psquare) On Instagram


The ever controversial Timaya may be responsible for another Psquare fight and break up rumours. The “Bang Bang” crooner threw a major shade at Peter Okoye of Psquare in a new Instagram post.

Timaya in his post announced a new single with Paul Okoye of Psquare and added a line to it that could be a sub at the other half of the Psquare duo. Egberi Papa in his post clearly his next single will feature Paul Okoye alone, adding that he believes he (Paul Okoye) is the realest and the “BEST”.

Now, the big question is what happened to Peter, the other Psquare half? It looks like an obvious sly on Peter’s personality. Are we going to witness another Psquare rumble again?

Here is Timaya’s post:

My Next single is with this man alone @rudeboypsquare cause I believe he’s the realest and the BEST.. watch out for it!!!!


My Next single is with this man @rudeboypsquare cause I believe he's the realest and the BEST.. watch out for it!!!!

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  1. Comment: timaya you can’t last on stage since you are delighted in causing separation. God will soon render you useless in your music career if you don’t change your evil attitude.

  2. Haters, please try and understand his comment before crucifying the innocent Timaya. If i say my mum is the best mum in the world, does that mean that other women are not good? or does that mean other women are not best? please lets be careful with the way we throw jab at others. Imagined somebody cursing Timaya that he will not last on stage, are you GOD? If GOD is like humans ehn, this world for don pafuka. It is well with you Timaya, you will last long on stage and continue blessing people with your good music.

  3. let tim confess,without any shadow of doubt Paul is the brain behind p square success.but don’t overlook Peter he has mammoth fan base over paul if u happened 2 b following p square’s tower around the globe,so the are equally important.

  4. Trash…this isn’t right,he has done it before and he still wanna do it again,if u find ur self causing commotion between 2 peaceful people to put them apart,just have it at the back of ur mind that one day,you’ll be demoted,as for those supporting evil,evil will visit and stay with them,I rest my case

  5. Timaya u are not a good fellow. Why would u include ” I believe he is the realist and the best” at this period rumours are everywhere they are not in terms. That’s not a good statement as a wise man I must tell u.

  6. Comment:timaya I had loads of respect for u but u have spoken and acted stupid by dis statement… I fink ur not correct upstairs

  7. Is Timaya the cause of P Squares Separation. Stop talking Rubbish and think of how your lives could be more better than the way they are now . #TEAM TIMAYA, KEEP GOING HIGHER MY BRODA

  8. As for me Mr p is the super star .he got the class .after all brymo is a better song writer den 2face but 2 face is more a star den brymo. Hard work beats talent when talent is not hard working .

  9. God bless you @ Dj WISEBEE hard work beats talent when talent is not hard working just like if Messi should relax my C. Ronaldo will over beat him #fact


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