Timaya And KC Presh Are My Boys I Showed Them How to Be Successful In The Industry


Eedris Abdulkareem The popular Jaga Jaga Crooner In a recent interview with Sun Newspaper discussed in details that he is behind the fame and success of Kcee and Timaya. Enjoy the interview below

When asked on artistes he is collaborating with on his new album Spirit of Naira

I do have but I will not mention names. Some are my home boys; some are new school while some are boys that trained under me. Timaya and KC Presh are my boys. My record label, La Kreem Entertainment, did so much for many artistes including Timaya and KC Presh. They were under my label but we didn’t sign any contract. We did what I will callgentle man deal’ whereby we consulted for the artistes and took them to Baba Keke (Kenny Ogungbe ) Baba is someone I will always be loyal to. He made me who I am today. La Kreem Records still does business with Kennis Music.

Timaya was under me and stayed with me for four good years. I told him to go back to Bayelsa State and research on the history of his people and do a song about them which he did. You know, he has never told the media that he was my boy and lived with me for four good years. I showed him the way forward and he learnt many things from me. Those days I did everything possible to push acts like Timaya among a host of others up and comers. Timaya was my boy, he was brought to me from the street and I showed him how to be successful even though he praises himself in most of his songs now. He is a graduate of La Kreem Re­cords; it is not easy being a La Kreem Records graduate.

You said KC Presh duo were also your boys, tell us about it?

They were with me too. I paid for the form they used to enter Star Quest. They used to come to me for advice. I took them to Baba Keke at Kennis Music and showed them how to be successful in the industry. Kcee and Presh have appreciated me for what I did for them through Kennis Music Industry. Back then, we didn’t ask anyone to pay us, we did whatever we did for God; that is it.

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