Terry G Says Bye Bye To His Famous Dreads


It’s just not the same without the dreads! Then again, everyone is doing away with the dreads these days. Timaya, Waconzy both chopped theirs off, and Basket Mouth remixed his own to a dread mo-hawk thingy.

Terry G cutting his own is the most shocking though. The Ginga!!! It’s gone. Ok I’m getting carried away but it’s weird to see him without the dreads. Then again, he didn’t have dreads when he first got into music anyways. Back in the days.

Anyways… what do you think?


  1. E good o. Igbo don dey leave u smal smal. Make u go 4 T.b Joshua 4 final deliverance. Lol. Na joke o see my thirty two (32) (^_^).

  2. Tgp I’m ur no 1 fan.still on d matter u can Neva loose ur ginger hope 2 c u in portharcourt carnival I won use u brag bcos ure still d intellectual ginger ginger a k a swagger swagger u remain d kingkong wey dey sing song dey make us dey craze 4 ur own song.08062319626

  3. PppprRrrrrrrrrrarraraaaaarrar….freeee meeee……I use to know you this way…we steel gat the ginger…praaaaaa…freee me


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