Teni Tells How Her Father’s Death Inspired Her Hit Song

Teni makanaki

Super talented singer Teni has enjoyed astronomical growth in the music industry in the past 12 months and the love has been very organic. The SoundCity MVP ‘Best New Act’ reveals his much her late father inspired her present day hit song.

Teni, whose father is a civil war veteran told Sunday Scoop how much her late father inspired her tune ‘Wait’.

She said, “Wait tells the love story between my mum and dad. I got the inspiration when my dad passed and my mum was crying, wishing he could have stayed back.”

She also explained why she made the song ‘Uyo Meyo’ which her fans also love.

“I recorded Uyo Meyo for my graduation ceremony because it took me seven years to graduate. My sisters graduated before me; so, it was a big deal for me on the day I graduated. I did the song for myself and everyone who hopes to achieve something”, she added.


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