Tekno Rejects Headies ‘Next Rated’ Nomination


A big bombshell has just been dropped by the TripleMG golden boy Tekno. The rave of the moment and arguably the hottest music act in Nigeria is not happy he has been nominated for the ‘Next Rated’ award by  the Headies.

The Pana hit maker questioned  the sense in his nomination as a contender for the ‘Next Rated’ award with a post on instagram.

Next rated after how many years! Let’s be honest pls’


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You can’t help but agree with Tekno. Earlier in the week the controversial Headies awards released its list of nominees. Tekno was nominated for the Next Rated award alongside Aramide, Ycee, Humblesmith and Mr Eazi.

Earlier we wrote why Tekno is oversized for the award of ‘Next Rated’ status.

And the Headies awards controversies continues.


Do you agree with Tekno? Cos I really do. Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I believe that before a publication is made available to the public, it ought to have gone through series of Reading stages to ensure that it is “error-free” (i.e 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading… like the process of passing a bill #lolz) it really hurt when u see a beautiful publication from an esteemed organization like this which ordinarily should consist of nothing less than 3 bright minds, let the concluding part of their publication end with a heartbreaking statement like this:
    “Do you are with Tekno? Cos I really do.”

    it only shows to the world that the well drafted publication is a product of COPY & PASTE…


  2. I don’t agree with Tekno. Success takes a long time sometimes and sometimes you have to pay your dues a while longer than others. He has worked hard all these years and now all that hardwork is paying off. So why reject a nomination that is finally recognising all his effort??? The guy no get sense and with the way he his going, he will tear down his own success by himself.

  3. I strongly agree with Tekno, i dont see a reason why he should be nominated as next rated artist coz he is no more an upcoming artist. we all know that Tekno is now big shot in the industry.

  4. teckno don pass d level of headies…headies thise dayz..na robish…na buy dem dey buy am…imagine teckno to go headies go dey fall e hand…were u wan rate am go again..sombody that just signed one of the bigest record deal wit sony music…nai go go ful him self.4.headies…mak dem find sombody dash

  5. WOE UNTO HEADIES! It is a controversial and biased award show.To cap it all…Even Phyno fino wasn’t nominated among the artist of the year..hahahahaha…i want my publication to be viewed so let me reserve some words,who had more hit tracks,collaborations than the man of the year…WE LOVE YOU EZE NNUNU,EZEGE Nwa amama…hapuru ndi ofe mmanu award nsi ha.


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