No Subs! Brymo Calls Out Chocolate City Boss, Audu Maikori; “He’s Threatening Those Trying To Work With Me”



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Summary: Chocolate City allegedly have an injunction against Brymo which prevents him from performing, recording or distributing his material; most recently his 3rd studio album which was just released. Pretty much Brymo legally can’t make any money from music. Chocolate City have not officially confirmed this, and Brymo has come out to say it’s not true.

However Brymo has taken to twitter to takes shots at the label earlier this week, and today his latest rant calls out Audu Maikori, the Chocolate City Boss and says Audu is threatening people trying to work with him.

Check out the tweets

There hasn’t been any official word from Audu, and yo can bet that his sentiments wont be displayed on twitter, however a label mate and exec, MI Abaga made a comment about it when questioned on the issue from someone on twitter


And chances are, MI wont say much else on the issue.

As of right now, it seems that there obviously some sorting out that needs to happen, and maybe a speed up of the legal process, but it certainly looks like this needs to go off the media circuit and be resolved in court.

How do you think this well be resolved? Who’s at fault here? Brymo for walking out on the contract? or Chocolate City?


  1. I can bet it, Chocolate city is going to loose that case. Both of them have said somethings they were not supposed to say. The way naija is now, they will turn the issues into a “tribal issues”.

  2. Levi pls b logical when u argue, some terms on his contracts where nt fulfilled, nd u expect him to still stay, nd if u care to knw, it is an oral contractual agreement, nd nt written so it can b denied, but d boy chose nt to, ow can u have 2 monster hits as ara nd good morning, nd ur label can’t get u a car nt to talk of rent a house for you(he was on every major show dat season if u remember). They keep sayin its a family tin, nd they r making money of him while he languish in poverty(not sayin he his poor in dat sense) but am sayin he is nt getting as much as he deserves, A.maikori u r just a lawyer, u r nt God, so i bliv u can’t stop him. Levi we r all human, put urself in brymo’s shoe. So u will see where it pinchs.

  3. Abib I totally agree wit u on dis issue..Brymo did very well wt his single ara infact his last album,he evn won awards.choc city r cheatin him big tym,investn upon his moni…d shud leav our brymo for us wo.damn any fuckn contract

  4. Its not easy to set up a label that nurtures and grows music dreams of obscure talents into celebrated worldwide award winning artists. What did Chocolate City promise him that wasn’t fulfilled?He(brymo)needs to learn loyalty and patience. If you think about it very well you’ll realise those two qualities lacking in brymo’s character. I love his music but he needs to be patient with his destiny cuz one thing is not in doubt Brymo is blessed and no man can curse him or stop him,nobody can stop him but he can stop himself, if he doesn’t check his character. Audu should take it easy with Brymo but Abeg ppl stop ill advicing Brymo.

  5. Brymo is a talented Artist, think ☀̤̣̈̇f wot he did τ̲̅ȍ ice prince in oleku. Choc jst think brymo should b building anoda man’s house without owning a land its totally wrong.. U̶̲̥̅̊ can’t promot d guy song Den let hi go

  6. Dis brymo produce oleku? Has he ever paid forany of his production be it Audio or Visual? Who deceived Jesse into leaving Choc city? Was Brymo known before oleku? When is his contact due? Guys stop Blabbing Mr Ibrahim Go and sit down. Pride never takes no one further. Dan Kauye kawai.

  7. Well….All we say here are jst opinions…which will not determine the outcome o these Events. Cuz it seems both parties are at fault one way or another..So we all wait and see how they resolve these issues….


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