Shots Fired! Yvonne Nelson & Linda Ikeji Exchange Harsh Words On Twitter Over False Story



We’re barely seven days into the new year, and we’re on controversy #2 already (#1 being basketmouth’s rape joke).

Blogger Linda Ikeji and Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson exchanged some not so nice words after the actress accused Linda Ikeji of publishing a false story about her and Iyanya featuring in a movie together.

The actress quickly took to twitter to deny that she’s in any movie with Iyanya and accused Linda Ikeji of not verifying her story before publishing. Linda hit back claiming the actress is always trying to be in news and has her publicists send her half truths and fake news just so she can be in the news. From what we understand that isn’t too far from the truth for some celebrities.

Here’s how it all went down on twitter just a few hours ago.















Whoosah! I know it’s a lot but who do you think is wrong in this scenario? Linda or Yvonne? From our standpoint we can see where one person is coming from.

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  1. Linda Ikeji is a f****g liar. Few days ago she kept posting on suppposed Dwayne Wades baby mama tweets, Guess what, I not be the gullible reader did research and went on twitter to see if this Aya lady had those tweets on her time line. NO SUCH THING WAS there. Linda is a liar who only copy cuts and paste news from american blogs with no edits not confirmation no nothing. A typical example is her coming to say the story she posted on NOrth Korea Leader feeding his uncle to the dogs, later she came and said that the story was fabricated and not true, i emailed her and said “Anuofia, you shoulda done your research before you posted it in the first place (obviously she did not post my comment). LAZY BLOGGER LINDA IKEJI, eventually everyone will know its too good to be true. .

  2. The same Yvonne Nelson that sent fake death threats to herself? Yea I think she’s definitely lying here. Linda is not making up stuff randomly just because

  3. I think both of them shouldn’t have brought this all to twitter, but Yvonne Nelson always has a way of getting herself in the news. Only her

  4. Why would yvonne nelson need linda to help talk abt her new movie when she can do it her self, linda is a liar and dis is nt da first tym.

  5. Linda is one honest person i know.yvonne or weavon is one stupid hell of an attention seeker.2day its hacked account,2mao is death threat cock n buffalo stories.i udnt b surprised if she tels us 2mao d@ she gave birth 2pillows.all 4d purpose of drawing stupid attention

  6. Pls ooo,, leav Linda alone ooo, dat Yvonne Nelson of a girl always find attention online… Dis na wetin u want and u don get am… (TREND)… LINDAIKEJI , I LOVE U and ur blog.. Wish to meet u one day….

  7. Its kinda obvious who dah liar is ere….linda posted a news on ha blog,Yvonne commented on it den linda edited it…if she’s honest…she’s gonna let dah comment be…nat changin it…common peeps don’t let ur luv for someone affect ur judgment….dats y u guys ar easily cheated…


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