Shots Fired! Tonto Dike Strikes Back At Burna Boy


Well when Tonto Dike released her single week, Burna went on a mini sub rant about artists releasing wack music, and claimed that those that release “noisy wackness” at the least deserve death. 0_O. Strong words.

He however denied they were about Tonto Dike and her singles even though it just seemed like too much of a coincidence.

Fast forward to Saturday, and Burna Boy’s stage fall became most of the talk of the headies. Like we said, some said “Tonto’s Jazz” dey work LOL

Today, Tonto decides to take her own jabs via twitter at Burna Boy. Via her twitter page she said “Gud Mrng Loverz*May all ur problemz b blinded wit dark shadez n Fall off their STAGE LiKE BURNABOY*IJN***#POKO#“, and then added later “Hehehehhehe itz Karma baby*D bitch beautiful,Lazt lazt I’m glad I got ya’ll laughin**Blezz ur day loverz n DNT 4GET 2PRAY**#POKO#

Very interesting tings happening between these two PH people. Maybe they should just hug and make up, or do a duet, or whatever.

In other news, Tonto Dike & her writing style on twitter is very strange, or is it just me that thinks all that is written in hebrew. LOL. #poko



  1. I don’t really think it should be up to that…… Well its really funny for both of them….. Lol.
    But Tonto be your brother’s ASS keeper…. Lolllll.

  2. i think that burna boy is wayyy better than tonto. i mean this tonto woman cant even sing she should just stick to acting before she make my ears bleed


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