Sean Tizzle Calls Adele’s Hello Weak; Says Omawumi Did It Better

sean tizzle

Sean Tizzle has been the trending topic on twitter since late last night after he made some pretty bold claims about the latest hit single from Adele, Hello. The song so far has snapped up over 230 million views on youtube alone, and has gathered attention from all corners of the globe.

One those who obviously loved the song is Omawumi, as she hopped on the trend and performed a very nice cover to it. Listen Here.

Sean Tizzle though, think Omawumi’s version is much better than Adele’s original version which he describes as “weak”.

Yeah Bro! It’s all good to have your opinion, but calling Adele’s Hello weak? Nah… Not sure we’re with you on that. Omawumi did do her thing on the track though. Lovely cover for sure.



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