Sallah Is Over But MI Abaga And Vector Still Have A Lot Of Beef

MI and Vector

LooseTalkPodcast is still trending because MI Abaga gave some loose talk triggering a feud with fellow rapper Vector.

This is how it all started, Chocolate City boss MI granted an explosive interview where he gave out some words which Vector did not find it funny. In response, Vector called out MI on Instagram for making him look bad for not having a collaboration with him.

So the ‘Chairman’ is displeased ‘King Kong’ called him out on Instagram and wondered why he didn’t challenge his feelings in as a DM to him. The ‘King Kong’ took a direct aim at the ‘Chairman’ and fired shots. Ladies and gentlemen a beef is cooking seriously in the pot, very soon the two hip-hop head will share the beef while we watch.

Vector MI




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