QuestionMark Ent vs HarrySong! Words Traded Over Contract Dispute



There has been a silent dispute between HarrySong over his former (or still contractually bound) label, QuestionMark entertainment over his contract and signing a new deal with FiveStar Music.

In a press statement from QuestionMark they categorically stated that HarrySong is still signed to them, and are prepared to take legal action against them. See statement below:

Question Mark Entertainment Incorporated has observed with dismay the continued dealings of certain persons and organisations with its recording artist Harrysong (Real name: Harrison Tare Okiri).

Question Mark Entertainment entered into separate exclusive music recording, artist management and music publishing contracts with Harrysong in 2009. The obligations of parties to the said contracts have neither lapsed nor have they been fulfilled. The contracts, along with all attendant rights and liabilities of the parties thereto, therefore still subsist.

Question Mark is entitled to exclusive ownership of copyrights to all musical works created by Harrysong during his contract period. Question Mark is also contractually the sole agent and manager of said Harrysong and thus entitled to commissions from all remunerations received by him or from his employment in connection with any music industry related activity.

Any and/or all music related dealings with Harrysong by any person from January 2009 till date may have violated Question Mark’s rights and Question Mark advises all record labels, event promoters, broadcast houses, advertisers, and music marketers etc. to desist forthwith from all such dealings with Harrysong.

Question Mark will without further recourse, resort to all lawful means at our disposal for redress.


Question Mark Entertainment Incorporated

HarrySong who recently signed with FiveStar Music has not backed down from his stance, and stated (according to HipHopWorld) that it was all just talk and QuestionMark were nothing more than trouble makers. “My brother, no mind them…they are just distractors…I don’t want to say much on this issue because I am not aware of it in the first place. This is the handiwork of my detractors and I won’t join issues with anybody”, he said.

QuestionMark Ent had also been recently involved with a similar issue with Asa a few years ago.

We patiently await and see how things will progress.

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