I’ve Been Writing Rhymes Since I Was 10! Choc City’s Pryse Sits With Us To Discuss Her Journey In The Game and The Future



Born Princess Esindu, she is popularly known as the first lady of chocolate city. Her name is Pryse. She hails from Enugu State but born and brought up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She is the youngest of four and the only girl in the family. She is a graduate of Media Communications from Nottingham Trent University UK.

Adaoha of Jaguda.com catches up with the first lady, for a little one on one chat.

When did you start rapping?

Pryse: I started rapping and writing rhythms at 10. It was mostly gospel rhythms but then it blossomed into what it is today.


How did it blossom?

Pryse: I used to follow my big brother around, he is a producer. So whenever he plays a beat, I will say “yea I can rap on that”. He had a lot of impact in what I have become today. I also belonged to a rap group then, we called ourselves All Out Squad and I was known as baby pryse.


Oh really, did the group get gigs?

Pryse: Yes, we were quite popular then and performed at different shows. My parents tried to make sure that we don’t move away from our studies, get distracted you know.



You have a new video for your single, Eleto, which by the way a lot of people really like. What does Eleto mean?

Pryse: Eleto means you are not strong enough to stop me from achieving my goal. Nothing can stop me.


Tell me how you got signed to Chocolate City?

Pryse: I was living in the UK then, I followed MI on twitter. I think he read my bio, and I had “dopest female rapper”. He sent me a message giving me his email, saying I should send my work to him. It was at that period when Oleku was hot and people were remixing the song. So I sent my own version of Oleku and links for my other works. I guess he goggled them and sent me a mail, asking what it takes to get me to chocolate city. Here I was very excited to be getting the attention and he was asking what it takes. I was still in school, so we just kept in touch till I was done and ready to move back.


You were definitely very lucky.

Pryse: Yes I was


Did you perform at shows while living in the UK?

Pryse: I did, the biggest event for me then was opening for Modenine in 2010 in London. That was a pretty big deal for me.


How do you feel when compared to female rappers in Nigeria, which by the way is increasing?

Pryse: I wouldn’t compare myself with them, they are all doing well. I prefer to be compared with the greatest because that’s what I hope to be in the future.


A lot of rappers now have gone a bit commercial with their music, what’s your angle, strictly rap music or hip hop?

Pryse: My style is definitely hip hop



You saw “The List”, it’s generated so much response both from the rappers and even listeners. How do you feel about hip hop in Nigeria right now?

Pryse: Hip hop in Nigeria is getting very serious now; it’s growing. It’s going to keep growing.


With the exception of the choc boys, which other rappers would you like to collaborate with?

Pryse: Phyno and Olamide


On Fashion: Are you a trend follower or setter?

Pryse: I don’t follow trends. I will say my look is edgy and classy. I love bright colors and love to stand out. Here I am wearing a bright red dress. I just love brightness.

What is your casual day outfit?

Pryse: Denim shirt and leggings, heels but not every day.


On your twitter handle, I saw “feminist” on your bio, let’s talk about this.

Pryse: I am not a man hater or anything like that; I just believe women can be strong minded. Your man doesn’t define you. I admire strong women doing their thing.


Who inspires you as a woman, when you look at her and say yes, all round role model?

Pryse: Genevieve Nnaji inspires me. She is single and classy. She is good at what she does and also a very big inspiration to a lot of women out there.


If you were not rapping, which other career part would appeal to you?

Pryse: If I wasn’t rapping then I will work in TV, but behind the scenes as a producer.


What’s next for Pryse?

Pryse: The video for Eleto just dropped. I have a new single to be out soon. Taking that one home, the single is called Naija Delta Money


Do you have any message for the fans?

Pryse: Yes, I want them to know that a lot is yet to be offered. We haven’t scratched the surface yet.

We wish you best of luck in everything you do.

Thank you so much

To get more information about Pryse, you can visit her facebook page – www.facebook.com/pryse

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