Photos: Kcee Posts A Picture He “Took” With Ronaldo; But Something Is Wrong Somewhere



I hate to do this but when you put this out for the public to see then you kinda asked for it. LOL. Kcee of Limpopo fame recently posted some pictures showing that he went to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid (Home of Real Madrdi), and took a tour which included him “taking” a picture with Ronaldo.

But something is wrong. This picture with Ronaldo is clearly Photoshopped, and pretty badly at that. Just look for Ronaldo’s right hand. It’s completely missing.

So no one from Kcee’s team warned him before putting this out? Is the guy in charge of his social media responsible? Or did he think we wouldn’t notice? Or maybe he knew we’d notice and still wants the buzz. Either way it’s an epic fail. Even my love for Pull Over and Limpopo cant save Kcee on this one. Sorry bro. LOL.

Check out other pics he posted. They also look kind of suspect:




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