Photos: Eva Alordiah Shows Us How She’s Getting Her Body Right


Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah, is not playing around with her body, and in a few pictures on instagram she showed us how she keeps her body tight. When you hit the gym at 2am, it’s pretty clear you’re dedicated.

“Gym nights with the youngest brova. Very very fun time we had today and boo was putting in so much work, giving me much needed ginger. ”

From what we see, the work out is paying off big time as that 6 pack is super defined. Oh that comes from constant working out… and eating right too.

Eva Alordiah is working on her debut album, The 1960 album which we’ve been waiting since the turn of the year. Eva released a freestyle track, What These Bitches Want, earlier this year, and a mixtape, EVA the EP, late in 2014.







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