Photo: Did WizKid Just Cop Yet Another Porsche?


Ok so WizKid survived an accident just a few weeks ago where he completely wrecked his Porsche worth about 10 million naira. Now just a few moments ago, WizKid just posted a a pic of another Porsche in a lot and tagged underneath the post “Blessed.”

This is a different color so we know it’s not the same car fixed or anything. Did he just buy another Porsche? I’m sure you know these things are not cheap. If he did, he should dash us the last one. We’ll fix it. Serious star boy tinz. Yaga!



  1. I don’t know why we have calous and greedy people in the entertainment industry. OJB need 100,000 us dollars for kidney transplant. I think this is a mere change an A list artist in naija can single handedly cough out. They just want OJB to die, wicked celebrities! Always showing us they stupid houses and cars.

  2. You people will just be saying, they have have the money, they should give ojb, how many of you can give another human being 15 million just like that, you’ll all be jugding them with your mouths and you are slso guilty, if you want to save ojb, start donating money for the guy and stop waitinf for stars to do it abeg

  3. ODEeee…nd who told U I avent,1milli,100K,50K…e.t.c is wat he needz nd b4 u kw it 15milli dan complete even pass think b4 u talk!

  4. O boi me taya 4 given info how all ma love ma track always say but no power bike or even fame,but u dey change porche lyk hair-cut……..mtcheew o boi star man wizkid aleeeert ur boi dont dull……08182416565

  5. He never said he was not going to help. Ojb no follow am work the money reach this stage dnt judge wiZ.. Ojb will be fine nothing will happen to the brother..

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