Peter Okoye defends Lola Omotayo – “Don’t talk like you know her”



I guess Peter couldn’t take the comments people pass at his baby mama, Lola Omotayo’s yesterday statement “challenges of dating a celebrity”. I like how Peter came out at the haters with his tweets “Don’t talk like you know her” this shows how responsible Peter is and this is how a grateful person response.

Read his tweets below

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  1. You guys should stop all ds stupid comment about Peter nd Lola cuz u knw nofin about their couples life nd decition making..@Bosh gez u dnt knw d 2ru meaning of “useless”cuz it takes a useless guy 2 figure anoda..D person u jst calld useless Jst stud fr hs baby mama guess dat means nothing 2u.If marriage is all it takes 2be responsible in ur world(guy ego hard u 2make it o)..u all should just wait n see(shebi na marriage una want frm dem)dnt worry Dey ll shock u guys soon:p..Owon bad belle

  2. Will everly rep Lola n Peter..u guys Rock big tym*kisses* nd my lil hubby camerone love u much cuttie*strawberrykisses*4u alone

  3. Betty what anybody think or say here is our own views so since u no dem better den advise them well, dat is if peter will marry her,is there business not best of luck to them and to u there friend.

  4. Nobodi has d rit to judge d respect a guy can give a woman ȋ̝̊̅§ to marry ha,especially b4 she puts to bed,peter don’t hv to do bcus others are doing or white pple re doin.lola bearing child outside wedlock portrays ha a tout or irresponsilbe even though she met him wen he had nofin dat shouldn’t make ha to 4gt haself.wen a woman get married dats wen pple wil respect ha,so now a woman lyk Lola who ȋ̝̊̅§ few yrs away from 40 yrs should not xpect respect from pple wen she ȋ̝̊̅§ still doin ma guy 24 bt got married last year so Lola should leave ma bf to teenagers.peter should prove his love and respect 4 ha by taking ha to the altar,he wil see ЂƠ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡w pple wil strt respecting ha.


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