#PeruzziScandal: Minor Says She’s in Contact With Other Minors Who Claim to be Victims of Peruzzi


The #PeruzziScandal is now growing like wide fire and is also gaining traction as the minor who accused him of allegedly raping her, has revealed she currently in contact with other minors who claim to be victims of the DMW star.

According to the minor, making her case public was the best thing that happened to her. She further revealed getting a good lawyer and an undisclosed celebrity figure who is helping her seek justice.

However, tweets narrating her story has been deleted. She claimed her legal team had asked her to take the tweets down and also restrained her from revealing the name of the hospital she went to until they got to court.

Meanwhile, Peruzzi and his accuser clashed on Twitter when he insulted her saying; “Una don come again abi? GOD PUNISH UR PAPA!”

She responded calling him a “rapist”; “You’re a mad man. You’re a FUCKING RAPIST YOURE A MAD MAN!!!. You want to make me fun of me and humiliate me but God won’t give u the grace.”

JAGUDA reported how a minor accused the DMW star of luring her to his hotel room and later raped her.

Peruzzi reacted to her claims saying he was not in the country during the period.

DMW has not officially responded to these allegations but it seems the girl is carrying her case forward.

See other tweets below;


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