Paul Play, Danny Young, Password, Fliptyce & Azadus on Board, as Broad Music Board unleashes in Nigeria.


broad music board

We are changing the world and new music artists lifes. 20ENT Music Group, Hollywood CA, launched ‘Broad Music Board’ a music publishing company, Broad artist management & BroadPR in Lagos Nigeria. contact +1870-530-5542

Broad Music Board agency is equipped to handle every aspect of booking an artist from contractual details and administration to agenda management in promotion. In addition to booking, B.M.B (Broad music Board)will also offer services in three additional areas: consultancy, concept development and programming. Here’s part of the companies mission statement: “In recognition of a scene that at times is rather monopolised, Juggernaut Services will use our knowledge of the Industrial/Synthpop scenes to provide you, with the means you need to get a name. Many artists out there are talented, but simply don’t know who to contact. We will utilise our strong list of labels, DJs, e-zines, print zines, promoters, radio stations, club owners, and existing talent to get you the strongest possible chance of reaching your goal.


BroadPR, What we have to offer in terms of services. BroadPR is a New digital marketing agency based in Lagos Nigeria with the aims to help communicate with the fans, supporters and those who are interested in brand or product. We were born out of a genuine love for promoting artists that we think will impact people’s lives, and have a knowledge and appreciation of music from the ordinary to the biggest names in the industry. Our aim is to break new and old acts or fully publicise heritage artists, work our magic in the e-marketing realm and dedicate ourselves as fully to our projects as our clients do to their product. What we have to offer Artiste? Based on the fact that we are a PR company established in Nigeria, we have established strong bonds and contacts with those within the industry therefore enabling us to be able to offer individuals a wide range of services.

Why choose us? BroadPR consists of bright young entrepreneurs who have gained the skills to: Build relationships with some influential people within the entertainment industry, this not only helps the agency but also helps you as potential clients, as you will feel safe to be working with people who know what they are doing.

Lagos Office: 10 Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos . Phone: +2348023107815 Email:

Meanwhile, expect Danny Young New single “SEXY MALEKA” tomorrow!
See the artwork below


  1. My stage nam is haeman,I am a talent up comin artist,still huzzlin to to elevat,but am In need of gud management,and fast promotion,I av worked in dstudio wit many artist,and 4maself I got{5to6 tracks}I will b so oooo glad if u can help me out in dis struggle an I promise to b loyal wit u,mY num is +2348174441040,07044213160,my twitter handle is[hayman5]ma facebook is [happyboy habiodun]

  2. Am a talented risin star and i wil lik to produce my hot single title “Education” pls can i come and book now, hw much is d affordable price for up comin artiste thanks….my num 07030683237…

  3. my stage name is T.Rock i have work with many artist but am still struggling to get up
    I have recorded 8tracks out of my songs.
    if you help me get there I promise never to disobey you. here is my nom.07086343192


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