P-Square Losses Father! RIP Mr Okoye


Barely two years after the dynamic duo Peter and Paul Okoye (P-Square) lost their mother Josephine Okoye, their father followed suit and has passed on.

According to sources he died yesterday, November 24th, 2014, but there isn’t any word on a cause for his death. No family member has made a statement yet concerning the death. However it is being reported that he had just undergone successful knee surgery a few days ago.

May his soul Rest In Peace.



  1. Hello Peter and Paul.

    I understand that after less than 2 years of losing your beloveth mother, Josephine, your estranged father followed suit. What a tragedy. Please accept my sympathy and the sympathies of your millions of fans across the globe.

    However, I must sound a cautionary prophetic warning to you two. If you think that the demise of both of your parents at such young age is painful and hard to grasp, wait till both of you split as duo. I would strongly advise you two to please keep the memories of both parents alive by sticking together till the end. There is nothing young men of your age and caliber want in life that you both don’t have or possess. You have got it all. Fame, fortune, fans of all over the world, women, friends. Don’t allow friends; men, women or wives to come into your lives and break you apart. None of these people have been through what both of you have been through as brothers and especially, twin brothers, and of course, none will be there for you till the end. You are all you have got along with your indefatigable big brother, Jude. Wives may come and go, but nothing will ever take the place of your brothers. Blood is thicker than water. Don’t give the women or friends in your lives the tools and weapons to rip you apart. You both have come a long way. Any woman coming into your lives in the name of wife may prey on your emotional fragility to tear you apart. They don’t love you if they are happy to see you both split as duo.

    Your chemistry together is fascinating, magical and electrifying. That’s what you need. That’s what your fan base love about you. Please keep it that way. You can never be the same without each other. Yes, you can never be the same without each other. That’s my prediction.

    Keep your parents’ memories alive. You are the best musical group that ever surfaced in the African continent since its creation. Keep it that way, buddies. Keep it that way. If it’s broken, don’t fix it.
    God bless you all.

    Your biggest and most loyal Fan,
    Jude Onwuemeka.


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