Nigeria’s Duo Ola & Chris Say ‘Bye Bye’ To Big Brother Africa


What A Shocker!!

Barely two weeks in the Big Brother Africa House, Nigerian reps Ola and Chris have decided to leave the game due to Ola’s health issues.

Ola has high blood pressure and  needs to seek medical attention out side the House.

Big Brother was informed of this news and understood the situation.

Both later break the news to fellow Housemates as instructed by Big Brother, however, the sad news was not taken so lightly as most female Housemates were tearful was Ola & Chris left.

Ola explains that he can not live in the House any more because of cat fights that have recently taken place in the House, he stresses that these made him feel uncomfortable, he points out the recent face off between Zainab and Seydou!

Ugandan rep, Kyle points out that the House is never going to be the same without the duo, he concludes that the two usually made the House lively with their funny jokes.




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