Nigerians React To The Weeknd Biting Wizkid’s Starboy Name

wizkid starboy

Yes we’re here for this. Nigerians have taken it upon themselves to show The Weeknd, and the rest of the world that the name ‘Starboy’ belongs to Wizkid, and Wizkid alone. You gotta love our people really.

The Weeknd announced his album release date (November 25th, 2016) for his sophomore album titled ‘Starboy’. A few weeks ago he released a single with the same name. Nigerians on social media haven’t taken the use of the name ‘Starboy’ too lightly, and have reacted in a strong way.

Wizkid has used the brand name ‘Starboy’ as his label name since he parted ways with EME in 2013, and always shouts it out in all his songs. In many ways, it’s become his trademark intro to any track he’s on. So you can understand why man Nigerian heads turned when they heard the title of The Weeknd’s album. I mean who cares if you have Grammys and international awards? We got that name first lol.

Here are some of the best reactions we’ve seen on twitter so far:


What does Wizkid make of all this? Well he just dropped some major news that he got another track with Drake coming soon, and called himself the “Real Starboy”. You already know… Yaga!




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